Whats App


Quick turn arounds on the Creative Projects Team between Facebook Policy and other major initiatives during COVID 19 brought me onto many diverse projects. This Whats App projects I was put on day of because the main designer on the project fell ill and couldn’t complete the type treatments for the Portuguese translation for the

Whats Happening @


The fun part about working on Facebook’s Creative Projects team is the variety of requests. Different teams from all over Facebook come to the Creative Projects team with creative requests and our job is to make creative solutions. This request was for posters to be shown internally for Facebook’s news channel Whats Happening @.

Credit Karma Platform Security

SUMMARY At Credit Karma we received a request from the security team to create an internal security tool that engineering could use as a resource when building out other parts of the application and site. I worked with my creative director and we decided this would be a great opportunity for us to work with

Lyft Illustrations


Illustration exists to tell stories and convey ideas in a meaningful and thoughtful way. These works play an essential role in branding systems. Illustrated assets take on complex ideas and make storytelling more robust and more accessible. Versatile and personalized in a way like no other medium, illustrations can change tone, grow, and scale depending