Atlassian Work- Life Illustration


While working as a senior visual designer at Atlassian I had the wonderful opportunity to be asked to do a few illustrations for their Work-Life blog. If you are not familiar with the Work-Life blog then you’re in for a creative treat. To start the art director said that the illustrations for Work-Life are different than the in-product illustrations or brand illustrations that I have done in the past. The Art Director asked that while working on Work-Life that I don’t adhere to the normal illustration brand strategy of Atlassian and to only adhere to the Atlassian brand colors and try to create an illustration that speaks to the article in an editorial style. The Art Director advised me that the process is Monday kickoff. Tuesday check in on small pencil sketches of my idea and to pick the design direction by the end of the day. You can see my lo-fi pencil sketch from that Tuesday below. Wednesday I started creating the chosen illustrations in Illustrator. Thursday was for final feedback and edits on the illustration. Friday I handed the design off and any other accompanying assets to the Work-Life team to be uploaded with the article and published. I had never worked in an editorial format and it was amazing to see it all come together in one week.

The title of the article is “Master these 7 essential skills to level-up your teamwork game” I choose a creative teamwork theme to bring home the editorial style I choose for it to have an impressionist painting feeling that I built with custom illustrator brushes.

The article is one of the best-performing articles and still lives at the top of the Work-Life blog homepage today.

Here is a link to the article here if you would like to learn more.